The Five Year Gap…

Hey there! So we are now entering the “i can do it, im a big girl” phase WHOOP!!

Anyways…I hope you like this one xx

We have 3 magic numbers in our house. They consist of the 3 year old girl, the 8 year old boy and the 14 year old girl. My kids. 
They all hold one thing in common. 

There are about five years between each of them. 

It wasn’t done on purpose. We have two families so to speak in our home. There’s me and my boy then theres my partner and his 14 year old daughter. The youngest is ours together which joins us all as one. 

Im happy with that. My workload is hard and my days are long but it’s rewarding in its own little way. 

The one thing I wasn’t counting on was the hell that came with the age gaps. It’s a complete nightmare trying to make sure that each of the kids are happy every day. I personally feel that I’ve not accomplished one day…let alone everyday.

Each child has completely different needs. What works for one in the form of entertainment doesnt work for the other two. What two of them want to do the other one wont. We have arguments every single day. Thats normal in itself I suppose but it’s so damn hard!! 

The Three Year Old

If I was going to put an order to how difficult each child was on a daily basis I would put my two year old at the very top. She’s a whirlwind. She literally runs the house. The youngest one with the biggest gob and the most demanding nature I have ever seen. I can’t keep up with her. The day I figure her out is the day she ups her game and I have to start all over again. 

Let me give you an insight as to what its like living with her and how mature and grown up…and how insanely switched on she is for a 3 year old.

The other day I had come home from work with the hope that my kids were tucked up in bed and I could have a cheeky glass of vino before hitting the pillow myself. I rounded the corner to my house and noticed our bedroom light was on (she currently sleeps in our room in her own bed) so it was the first question I had to ask The Future Hubby…he however was as baffled as me as he left The 3 Year Old in her bed asleep. When I ventured up there she was sitting proud as punch on my bed. I asked her why the light was on (infact all the lights were on including my fairy lights above my bed) 

The 3 Year Old:  It was too dark to sleep mummy.

Me:  Yes ok but you need to go back to bed please. Its dark because its bedtime.

The 3 Year Old: My bed isnt comfy enough.

This went on for another 15 minutes with various questions and I eventually realised that almost an hour after being put to bed she was clearly wide awake and was not going to attempt to lay back down. So I decided to bring her downstairs with me for a bit much to the annoyance of myself and Future Hubby.

After almost half hour of her messing around downstairs and asking for breakfast….juice….blanket….Paw Patrol on the tablet I turned to her and told her to settle down, that I was going to ignore her and chill out for a bit before me and her both go to bed.

10 Seconds Later….

The 3 Year Old:  Mummy…




Me: Yes? (I really gritted my teeth)

The 3 Year Old:  Ha! I thought you were ignoring me.

I shit you not I could of swung for that child. Future Hubby was laughing, The 3 Year Old just sat there staring at the tablet with the straightest face and I resembled something like a goldfish at feeding time. I had no words and I was completely floored by her.

Ive spawned the Devil and I apologise to all of mankind right now. 

The 8 Year Old

This is my boy. My first born, my only son, mummy’s little prince. I love him dearly, I wouldn’t change him for the world…but my God is he hard to bring up in todays world.

When he was born I had all these wonderful ideas of how he is going to grow up and what he was going to be when he was older. And to be fair those dreams are still there, but I fear that they are just dreams. When he was 6 he was diagnosed with ADHD and 2 years later with DCD which is a mobility disorder. He is the most loving and caring child out of all three that I have but his disability has alot of drawbacks. For instance, The 3 Year Old is actually far more intelligent in her mind and can understand things a lot quicker than he can. Its nice to see that she will have no hardship growing up or have issues at school but it is also very upsetting to watch. A five year gap should be more apparent in mental age and learning capability but both of them are pretty much on the same level with The 3 Year Old progressing a lot faster than her older brother. I can’t explain the feeling I have in my stomach knowing that he is getting left further and further behind. 

To be fair though when it comes to entertaining him, he is pretty simple…both him and The 3 Year Old can binge on Peppa Pig like its being cancelled tomorrow.

The 14 Year Old

One day I’m gonna shake my mum’s hand. Not sure when yet, because you know, pride and all that but I know I need to.


My mum has done it twice…with two girls, and now she is about to go through her 3rd…also a girl. I think my mum is insane. Ive been in The 14 Year Old’s life since she was 9 and I genuinely hate teenagers. Not because of her but because nowadays they are just awful! Was I like that? 

Anyways…entertainment wise shes pretty easy but she literally has no imagination. Its all Insta this and Face that…selfies, miming to music lyrics, duck face and ridiculous fashion sense…but if that was taken off of her for whatever reason and you asked her to read a book or do some art or anything that didnt invole a screen…its like the world has ended. Literally. She is at that awful stage where she doesn’t want to have anything to do with the younger two but when shes forced to it has to be on her terms or not at all.

She also likes to mother my kids.

We clash alot.

So theres a slight insight to my daily grind of keeping everybody happy. There is The Future Hubby to contend with too but to be fair at the age of 38 he’s pretty darn easy. Feed. Cuddle. Playstation. 




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